April 3rd, 2012

Kentucky Wins It All; Can Go $^&@ Itself - 2013 NCAA Tournament Odds

By Robert Ferringo

Well, I was wrong.

I was one of the few people in the country that wasn’t enamored with the Kentucky Wildcats this year. I didn’t doubt their talent. But I definitely did not think that they were the slam-dunk, no-doubt national champion that everyone else in the bobblehead media did.

Kentucky demolished Kansas last night in a national championship game that wasn’t nearly as close as the 67-59 final score indicated. They are the kings of the college basketball world and their scumbag coach and obnoxious, self-important fan base get to rub peanut butter all over themselves and ‘gasm all offseason while thinking about this team.

Well, chalk up a victory for the squares. It does happen sometimes.

(Although, in a way, I was still right about Kentucky this year. They were overrated. This team went just 16-22 against the spread this year against the college basketball odds. And that includes a 5-1 ATS run in the NCAA Tournament. They were just 11-21 ATS entering The Big Dance and I can say that I made a decent chunk betting against them this season.)

But me, I’m on to next year.

Since it is not a sportsbook affiliated with Doc’s Sports Services I’m not going to post the name or the link to the site where I got these. (Hint: it rhymes with The Bleek.) And I, personally, feel like college basketball futures betting this far out is only for people that don’t like money. We still don’t know who is leaving for the NBA and who is staying, as well as how the coaching/recruiting carousels are going to end up or which players are going to blow out their ACL or get busted with weed this offseason, so it is next to impossible to accurately gauge the landscape of the sport.

But I need to do something to start looking forward and try to put the images of Syracuse getting screwed out of the Final Four and Coach Cal cutting down the nets out of my memory bank.

Here are the odds to win the 2013 NCAA tournament, some March Madness odds, and odds to win the 2012-13 college basketball national title:

Alabama    +3000

Arizona    +2000

Arizona State    +10000

Baylor    +2500

Butler    +5000

BYU    +8000

California    +5000

Clemson    +7500

Colorado    +3000

Creighton    +2000

Duke    +1500

Florida    +1200

Florida State    +2000

Georgetown    +3000

Georgia    +10000

Georgia Tech    +10000

Gonzaga    +5000

Illinois    +6000

Indiana    +650

Iowa    +10000

Kansas    +2000

Kansas State    +12500

Kentucky    +850

Louisville    +600

LSU    +12500

Marquette    +5000

Maryland    +3000

Memphis    +1500

Miami Florida    +5000

Michigan    +1500

Michigan State    +2500

Mississippi    +10000

Mississippi State    +12500

Missouri    +10000

North Carolina    +1000

North Carolina State    +1500

Notre Dame    +5000

Ohio State    +1500

Oklahoma    +6000

Oklahoma State    +8000

Oregon    +5000

Pittsburgh    +3000

Purdue    +10000

San Diego State    +3000

Seton Hall    +10000

Southern Cal    +12500

Stanford    +2500

St Johns    +2000

Syracuse    +1800

Tennessee    +3000

Texas    +3000

Texas A&M    +5000

UCLA    +1500

UNLV    +1200

Vanderbilt    +10000

Villanova    +6000

Virginia Tech    +10000

Wake Forest    +12500

Washington    +6000

Washington State    +8000

West Virginia    +5000

Wisconsin    +3500

Xavier    +15000

Field    +1500

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