August 19th, 2013

Some More B#!!$hit From Andrew Luck

By Robert Ferringo

I am firmly on the record as saying that Andrew Luck is not that good of a quarterback. I know that statement runs completely counter to the prepackage, mass-consumed bobblehead media storyline about Luck. But it is the truth. I have seen nothing from Luck to make me think he is anything more than an average NFL quarterback with amazing luck, especially when it comes to opponents .

And last night’s preseason game against the Giants was just another glaring example. Here is Andrew Luck’s NFL career to date, summed up in one throw:

If you want better video of this play you can go here.

This play really sums up everything about Luck to this point in his NFL career. It was an awful reaction to the pass rush, a terrible read, and a pathetic throw. Not only should that have been an interception by Aaron Ross, but when you consider the alignment for the Colts that could’ve been six points going the other way.

Instead, the ball takes a ridiculous bounce up in the air to Reggie Wayne, who then bats it further in the air before snagging it for a touchdown.

It would be unbelievable. Except that was Luck’s entire 2012 season.

Luck also had a dicey throw on his first possession. He was scrambling near his own goal line when he flung an ill-advised pass toward Colby Fleener. That one wasn’t picked off – and I’m not saying it should have, like the one Ross obviously should’ve grabbed – but it was another questionable decision by Luck in the shadow of his own end zone.

But as long as Luck has Wayne and T.Y. Hilton to bail him out on this garbage he will continue to get praise heaped upon him.

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